Bossing bath time!


Making bath time fun and tear-free can be a challenge, so we asked our Vosene Kids parents to share their top tips to help you and your little one boss bath time with a stress-free splash.

Super Strawberry


  • “We fill up our buckets and sit the dolls in them so they can have a mini bath too and then my little girl likes to wash their hair” Natalie W
  • “Ducks to distract!” Carly R
  • “Have lots of toys! My LG loves her watering can” Stephanie M
  • "Give them a silicone whisk, so they can splash about making bubbles” Melanie S
  • “We have a timer for ‘play-time’, so once all the essentials are done (hair washed etc.) we set the timer so the kids can play with their bath toys. When the time’s up, they have to get out. Saves them arguing about wanting to stay in & play for longer.” Claire B

Fresh Melon


  • “Silly hair dos and bubble beards! Keeps them entertained for ages!” Helen C
  • “Lots of bubbles! Use the shower to get the best height of bubbles!” Kayleigh B
  • “Making silly shapes with their foamy hair” Ruth S
  • “I get some bubbles and blow them up above the bath, my little one loves popping the bubbles before they hit the water or wall.” Gail E



  • “Foam letters to stick on the tiles and practice letters in the bath, fun and learning at the same time” Wendy L
  • “Bath crayons keep them quiet and busy while you try to wash their hair” Amy B
  • “We pretend to be in a boat!” Patricia H
  • "Use soap to write or draw on the tiles or bath. Use a damp flannel and get the child to hold it over their eyes when rinsing." Liz M
  • "My best bath time tip is to set little duckies in the bath tub so that baby is concentrating more on play …with this trick/tip I can now wash baby top to toe with no fuss no hassle” Denise A

Tea Tree


  • “We sing a song whilst getting the water off and when the song finishes she knows to sit up and that is the shampoo off. Without singing my 1 year old gets very upset it seems a good distraction” Kimberley A
  • “I tell my son to close his eyes and count to ten. After ten, we surprise him when he opens his eyes lol or sing a song and dance while washing his hair” Sara D
  • “Sing and be silly at bath time” Lisa O
  • “We have a bath toy bucket & on the rare occasion there are protests we play a game called “splash daddy” (lots of splashing to get my husband wet) or play Disney songs on our phones & sing along!” Fay C


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